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Hi, thanks for stopping by my website! My name is Kaitlin Domangue and I am a successful freelance writer, Christian, wife, and mom. I’m here to share relevant information about freelance writing and growing your business, ultimately teaching you how to become a successful freelance writer! Freelance writing is a great way to work from home, build a business you love, and create opportunities for yourself that didn’t exist before. A lot of my content is written with women and mothers in mind, as that is what I know best, though helpful knowledge doesn’t discriminate! I hope you find my resources useful, no matter who you are.

The Freelance Writing Mama's About Page Featuring The Freelance Writing Mama Holding Her ChildMy Freelance Writing Story

In August of 2019, I was a few months pregnant with my third baby. My husband was working six days a week to provide for our family while I stayed home with our children. We paid the bills, but there was rarely anything leftover for extras. On top of that, he was exhausted and in constant pain due to a severe neck injury he sustained earlier in the year.

I’d dabbled in freelance writing before in 2017, but nothing ever stuck. I mainly looked for freelance writing jobs on low-paying content mills, sometimes making a penny per word! It wasn’t worth it. Before my brief, and grossly underpaid, freelance writing experience in 2017; I was in a multi-level marketing company for two years before quitting. I barely broke even on the money I’d invested into this company. While multi-level marketing wasn’t for me, the dream of working from home and controlling my schedule never left me. Multi-level marketing gave me that dream of becoming my own boss, managing my time, and diversifying my income streams. Freelance writing has now successfully given that to me!

My Internship & Experience

Before starting my freelance writing journey again in 2019, I was an unpaid intern for a small CBD company. I managed their social media pages and a few blog posts, thinking I’d become a social media manager. Through that incredible experience, I realized my passion was writing – not social media. So, I set out to be a successful freelance writer in the cannabis and CBD space.

Yup, cannabis! I am a medical marijuana patient (along with my husband) in the state of Missouri. I have ulcerative colitis and battle with weight loss, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, and general digestive inflammation. Missouri legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes in 2018, that is a day I will never forget! I launched my freelance writing business with Missouri in mind, hoping to bring some amazing cannabis content to the state once the industry was up and running.

I have been so blessed to work with many Missouri companies, as well as brands nationwide! This year alone, I have made over $25,000 as a freelance writer, working primarily part-time hours. All from home and on my own time! Normally, I am not an advocate for sharing income levels – but if I am putting myself in a position to be a mentor I need to be transparent. Not to mention, that number could inspire many people to take the plunge and launch their freelance writing business. Since becoming a freelance writer, I’ve worked with various clients in the cannabis and CBD space, including but not limited to: consumer-facing CBD brands, white label manufacturers, dispensaries, staffing agencies, CBD marketplace and wholesale companies, news publications, innovative cannabis product companies, and more. Because of freelance writing, I haven’t had to leave my children to make money and my husband hasn’t had to break his back to provide. Freelance writing has afforded me more opportunities than I could ever imagine, which is why I am bringing my knowledge to you.

To New & Seasoned Freelance Writers

If you’re a new freelance writer, welcome! My biggest tip for you is to stick with it. I used to dream about finding clients at night, I’d work until my eyes were closing on themselves. Then, I’d wake up at 5 AM and do it all again. Don’t buy lies from people who tell you building a successful freelance writing business is a casual, work-at-your-own pace kind of process. When you’re a new freelancer, devoting twenty minutes a week is not enough. If you want this, be prepared to work hard for it and sacrifice your time! As time goes on and your business becomes more stable, you can pump the brakes a bit. If you’re a seasoned freelance writer here looking for some tips and tricks, I hope you love my content and learn something new.

Cheering you on,